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This my last post at The Koncise Drafter—I’m heading back to a redesigned, which is now called “Adams on Contract Drafting.” (Go here for my first post there in over two years.) And I’m taking with me all my posts on The Koncise Drafter: the Adams on Contract Drafting blog contains all my blog posts, evah. Well, except this one. will remain the home for all things relating to Koncision Contract Automation. My home for all my other activities and interests will be Adams on Contract Drafting. Because Koncision currently doesn’t earn me any money, it made no sense to hide my livelihood under a Koncision bushel.

Over the coming days, will be whittled down. Once I’ve created redirects for all the blog posts, I’ll delete them. In due course, clicking on “Blog” in the navigation bar will take you to the Adams on Contract Drafting blog.

I’m also taking the opportunity to tidy up my list of over 2,500 subscribers to blog email updates. If you’d like to receive, once or twice a month, an email with links to recent posts on the Adams on Contract Drafting blog, you can sign up by going here. I’ll be emailing my current subscribers to say as much.

I hope it’s au revoir rather than adieu.

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